Stash or Trash

About Us

THE STASHBOX Radio IS... A dedicated website and soon to be released app free to download on all iphones, androids and Blackberrys for independant artist.  Get your music exposed to our great loyal listeners and gain new fans.  Both fans and artist can log on to our site from across the world and listen to the great independant artist music we have playing around the clock.  Soon we will be adding radio shows as well as commercial content from across the nation. 

When a song is playing, Artist artwork, Title of song and project are shown!  as well as Lyrics scroll up the screen if provided!

When the "Menu" Button is pressed along the left of the screen:  The Buy Button is available if the music is in amazon mp3 or itunes.  as well as facebook, videos, recently played etc.

When a listener clicks on the image from the main screen the artist artwork pops up for easy viewing.  simply slide the image side to side to see front or back cover and album track listing.

Distribution:  Stashbox Radio is synced with both Amazon MP3 and Itunes.  If you, the artist already have your music in both of these Great! Your already ahead of the ballgame.  listeners have the option to buy your music by clicking on the menu button then the buy button.  [iPhone users will be forwarded to itunes while Android and Blackberry users will be forwarded to Amazon MP3.]